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Keeping Your Fitness Resolutions

This month gyms around the country are packed with well -intentioned resolutioners anxious to transform into the new them. But by mid-February the gyms have all cleared out and is left for the regulars. You see, most New Year’s Resolutions are abandoned by the end of February at the latest. Fitness resolutions are the most common goals made on January 1 and the most broken. But you can be different.

Here is your 4 step plan to sticking to your resolution and finally getting back in shape.

Reward yourself (and not with food). Getting “fit” often seems like an unobtainable goal, and with slow results at the beginning motivation can run low. Give yourself a reward along the way, especially for those months when results are unnoticeable. But avoid rewarding yourself with food. Our society has a tendency to reward everything with food and that would negate all of your hard work. Try putting $1 in a date night jar every time that you work out, or use it to buy the shoes you really want. Whatever it is, keep that in the back of your mind to keep your motivation going.

Find the right time of day to exercise. If I do not go to the gym first thing in the morning, I will never make it out the door. Instead you’ll find me sitting in my yoga pants three hours later. But if your favorite classes (also a huge motivator) are in the evening, schedule your work out time then. Whatever time you choose, stick to it and make it a habit.

Switch it up. Many people hate working out because of boredom. And sure, doing the elliptical for 30 minutes every day has got to get old really fast. If you do not continue to challenge yourself and mix it up, you will not see results and will lose the motivation. Try the elliptical one day, take a Zumba class the next day and sweat with the weights the third. Throw in a good swim to really change things up. Your body will not build up a tolerance to one type of work out and really work hard to adapt.  Good for your body and your mind.

Dress the part. Find work out clothes that you like and wear them. You’ll feel better and not loathe them every time you put them on. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to work out with hair and make up, but wearing cute fitness clothes will inspire you to keep working out.

Get a friend. There is nothing like peer pressure to keep you going to the gym. Studies have found that those who exercise with a companion tend to have better, more consistent work outs. Plus, you have someone to chat with during the mind numbing treadmill runs.

Hire a trainer. Completely clueless about what to do at the gym? A trainer completes personalized work outs that play off your strengths and build up your weaknesses.

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